Musical Production

Mix and mastering

Make mix & master your project by Balistic the beatmaker and sound engineer of BlackOstyl who has more than 10 years of experience in the field. He has more recently mixed the project of the talented Ibrahim Keita:
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Beat on demand: We can design beats on demand and provide personal follow-up for optimal results. We also offer you to choose from our beat's catalog already ready.
Our producers, Balistic and Black Mozes have very varied musical genres, from Trap to Soul; or electronic music through the afro trap.

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Song Writter

Black Mozes and N.I.L "songwriters", can accompany the artist musically and support him until artistic maturity. They already have a varied palette, ranging from any musical genre that can satisfy the expectation of independent labels and artists signed in Major.
Whether you are looking for texts in French or English, we can meet the demand.

Visual Audio

With its experience, BlackOstyl offers its services in the audiovisual, for the production of video clips, short films, and advertising films to Hollywood standards. With expertise enabling them to manage all stages of production, from conception to completion, BlackOStyl wishes to become a major player in this sector of activity. Their strategic and artistic reflection generates stories unique to the singular universe.
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PProducts Placement

BlackOstyl also operates as a specialist in product placement. They have already made various partnerships with brands, ready-to-wear, vehicles, apps or artists. Important issues in the communication of a brand, the product placement obeys precise rules in order to obtain positive returns. To increase its notoriety while reinforcing its sympathy capital with the spectators are the main objectives of this action of communication.




« Blackostyl » came from a N.I.L idea. Initially it was the name of a tandem formed with Lil Rich in Abidjan, the name grew and became a whole universe : Africa, the black man, the african initiative and influence, the style, the hostility, then it became a label project with international aspirations. Indeed, during his travel experiences all across the globe, Nil met what he calls « black diamonds », very talented and auspicious singers, rappers and also beatmakers : Balistic (Abidjan), Black Mozes (Abidjan), Steky (Paris), Sls Blow (Paris), Carlos (Cape town), Bryce Wayne (Miami), Ian & Sika (Montreal) ... The idea is to give a chance to these artists to be known beyond their frontiers or soil boundaries, and value the talent in Africa. Today Steky get along with Nil on this project for 3 years now.



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